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22 FT / 6.6 M Wired Remote Control for TM250 Electric Hoist - Replacement for Wireless Control FREE SHIPPING

  • $120.63


This is the WIRED control that can be used to replaced the Wireless control remote of the 550lb / 250kg Wireless Electric Portable Hoist with 30m (100ft) of Lifting Cable, model TM-250
This wired remote control works with this particular hoist model: TM-250 and TM-500.  It does not work with any other one.

The remote control has a 22 ft / 6.6 m long cable that provides flexibility for operations in construction sites or shops.

The 5-pin connector allows for secure electrical connection in any environment.
The wire remote control connects in the same female connector in the body of the hoist that is used by the Wireless control Remote.
It simply requires to unplug one of the controls and plug in the other one. Operation that is done very quickly and efficiently.


  • WIRED remote control with 22 ft / 6.6 m long cable that can be used to replace the Wireless Remote Control of the hoist model TM-250. The length of the cable allows for an easy operation at construction sites or shops.
  • Works with the wireless hoist model TM-250 and TM-500
  • 5-PIN CONNECTOR ensures a fast and secure electrical connection in any environment
  • EITHER / OR: This wired control remote can be used instead of the wireless remote control that comes standards in the hoist TM-250 / TM-500
  • EMERGENCY STOP: this wired remote control comes with Emergency Stop button and the standard Up and Down buttons

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