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300kg/ 660lb Portable Suspending Electric Hoist - Five Oceans - FREE SHIPPING

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  • POWERFUL & DURABLE: The 660-watt 120V ~ 60Hz electric motor with heavy with 660 lb / 300 kg lifting capacity
  • MOBILE HOIST: Thanks to its top hook and light weight, this hoist does not need to be installed in a fixed position but it can be easily relocated to any secure point able to handle the load
  • FUNCTIONAL: 38-foot wire cable with 330 lb singe line /660-pound double line lifting capacities
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This PORTABLE overhead electric hoist can be used in different places and functions in your garage or shop by placing it where you need it!
  • SAFETY: Equipped with upper limit device, safety lock and thermal protection terminal. Protection class IP54

Hoist Warnings and Precautions:
- Keep hands and body away from fairlead (cable intake slot) when operating.
- Do not exceed hoist load weight capacity.
- Be certain hoist is properly bolted to a structure that can hold the hoist hold.
- Always use proper couplings when connecting Hoist cable hook to load.
- Do not overload the hoist
- Never lift people or load over people


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