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Wireless Motorized Trolley with 2200 lb Electric Hoist - UL/CUL Certified - Single Remote Control (Up/Down/Right/Left) - FREE SHIPPING

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This set of Electric Overhead Hoist and Electric Trolley comes with a WIRELESS remote control that allows to operate it from distance up to 100 ft.
Ideal for hoist placed far from operator or on high beams where conventional wired controls are not practical.
Wireless hoist also mean a safer site since the operations can stay away from lifting area.

This hoist has the capability to lift 2200lb (1TON) with dual line and 1100lbs. on a single line and the Trolley moves it while loaded
Its lift rate is up to 33 FPM single line, 16-1/2 FPM double line, making the job faster and safer.
Holding approvals from UL/CUL as well as protected in IP40 class
Featuring a single cable length of 38 ft., this electric hoist is great for any shop or automotive garage.

  • WIRELESS remote control with power up/power down
  • Fully Automatic Hoist- requires no hand cranking
  • Weighted lift hook
  • General maintenance lifting or engine repair applications
  • Sheaved pulley lift hook for dual line operation
  • Durable braided steel cable
  • High carbon steel lines roughly 38 ft
  • Length of power cord: 5FT
  • Single line lift: 1100 pounds, speed of 33ft/min, 38ft height
  • Double line lift: 2200 pounds, speed of 16.5ft/min, 19ft height
  • Mounting brackets are included (hanging bar not included)
  • WIRELESS control remote range: 100 ft (depending on obstacles between receiver and transmitter)
  • Voltage: 120/60Hz
  • Rated Capacity: 2200lbs Double Line / 1100lbs Single Line
  • Cable Gauge: 5.6mm
  • Maximum Speed (RPM): 33 FPM single / 16-1/2 FPM double
  • Cable Length: 38ft
  • Mountable: Yes
  • UL/CUL approval
  • Protection class IP40
  • Rated Current: 12.9 Amps
  • Input Power: 1500W
  • Trolley Main Measurements:
    • A: 301mm
    • B: 178mm
    • C: 350mm
    • D: 253mm
    • F: 5mm
  • Steal Beam dimensions: Width of track: 68-110mm (2-2/3" to 4-5/16")

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