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150kg / 330lbs Overhead Electric Chain Hoist w/ 10ft Chain | Single phase 120V - FREE SHIPPING

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This electric chain hoist is designed to be dependable and reliable, offering a 150kg/330lb lifting capacity with a single phase (110V) power supply. It is extremely simple to use, featuring a 6ft long wired remote control and a chain bucket for added convenience. Portable thanks to a top hook, it is perfect for any home garage or workshop.

Quick acting electromagnetic brake for positive stopping under all load conditions.

Hoist Warnings and Precautions:
  • Keep hands and body away from chain intake when operating.
  • Do not exceed hoist load weight capacity.
  • Be certain hoist is properly bolted to a structure that can hold the hoist hold.
  • Always use proper couplings when connecting hoist chain hook to load.
  • Do not use inappropriate attachments to extend the length of the hoist chain.
  • Never lift people or hoist loads over people.
  • Never come in between or under the hoist and the load when operating.
  • Examine hoist before using. Components may be affected by exposure to chemicals, salts and rust.

Chain hoist

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