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1/2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist w/ 15ft Chain 20ft Remote Control | Single phase 110V ~ 120V - Five Oceans FREE SHIPPING

  • $941.25

Dependable, fast and efficient chain hoist. Compact with a fully enclosed motor and lightweight housing.
This chain hoist is extremely reliable and simple to use. Single phase (110V) and with a 1/2 Ton lifting capacity, allows for a quick and safe job
Thanks to its top hook, this chain hoist does not need to be installed in a fixed position but relocated to any secure point able to handle the load of the hoist. Quick acting electromagnetic brake for positive stopping under all load conditions.

Hoist Warnings and Precautions:
  • Keep hands and body away from chain intake when operating.
  • Do not exceed hoist load weight capacity.
  • Be certain hoist is properly bolted to a structure that can hold the hoist hold.
  • Always use proper couplings when connecting hoist chain hook to load.
  • Do not use inappropriate attachments to extend the length of the hoist chain.
  • Never lift people or hoist loads over people.
  • Never come in between or under the hoist and the load when operating.
  • Examine hoist before using. Components may be affected by exposure to chemicals, salts and rust.


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