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880lbs (400kg) Overhead Electric Hoist with WIRELESS Remote Control - Five Oceans - FREE SHIPPING

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This Electric Overhead Hoist comes with a WIRELESS remote control that allows to operate it from distance up to 100 ft.  Ideal when hoist  is placed far from operator or from high beams where conventional wired controls are not practical.  Wireless hoist also mean a safer site, since the operations can stay away from lifting area.

The Five Oceans 440/880 lb. Electric Hoist is designed for a powerful and reliable lifting of small engines, transmissions, large shop tools and more - perfect for the garage, shop, farm or job site.

The 850watt electric motor is powerful enough to make this hoist the perfect solution for lifting heavy engines, bulky loads, heavy building materials, tools or machinery. Not to mention, a stop bracket and line blocker, the durable 39.4-foot wire cable and the heavy-duty, handheld tethered remote control for easy and safe operation.

Choose single-line capacity, and lift up to 440 pounds at a rate of 33 feet per minute. With double-line capacity, this hoist can lift up to 880 pounds at a rate of 16 feet per minute with the included pulley hook. Your days of hand cranking and manual operation are over once you own this powerful electric hoist.
These hoists are certified for operations in Canada and USA.
CERTIFIED - for operations in USA and CANADA: Intertek ETL & Underwriters Laboratories (and UL Canada) certifications meeting UL1340:2016 Ed.3 and Standard(s) for Electric Cranes & Hoists (CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 33). IP rating of 40


  • WIRELESS Remote control up to 100 ft (depending of obstacles between receiver and transmitter)
  • Powered by 2 batteries "AA"
  • SAFETY FEATURE (1): Emergency Stop
  • SAFETY FEATURE (2): The START button must be pressed for 5 seconds in order for the receiver and transmitter to synchronize.  Once synchronized the UP/DOWN button will work. 
  • SAFETY FEATURE (3): Transmitter will shutdown after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Protection class IP40
  • Single Line Lift Weight: 440 lb.
  • Double Line Lift Weight: 880 lb.
  • Single Line Lift Speed: 33.0 ft/min
  • Double Line Lift Speed: 16.5 ft/min
  • Single Line Lift Height: 38.0 ft.
  • Double Line Lift Height: 19.0 ft.
  • Cable Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Cable Length: 39.4 ft.
  • Cable Diameter: 9/64 in.
  • Cord Length: 5 ft Power
  • Stop Bracket: Yes
  • Line Blocker: Yes
  • Double Line Pulley Included: Yes
  • Motor Type: 120V AC (Single phase)
  • Horsepower: 1.1 hp
  • Max Current at Full Load: 7.1A
  • Duty Cycle Intermittent: (S3-25%)


Hoist Warnings and Precautions:

  • Keep hands and body away from fair lead (cable intake slot) when operating
  • DO NOT exceed winch load weight capacity
  • Be certain winch is properly bolted to a structure that can hold the winch hold.
  • ALWAYS use proper couplings when connecting winch cable hook to load.
  • DO NOT overload the hoist. It will do the job better at the load it was intended.
  • DO NOT use inappropriate attachments to extend the length of the winch cable.
  • NEVER lift people or hoist loads over people
  • NEVER come in between or under the hoist and the load when operating.
  • DO NOT apply load to hoist when cable is fully extended. Keep at least 4 full turns of cable on the reel.
  • Examine hoist before using. Components may be affected by exposure to chemicals, salts and rust.
  • NEVER fully extend cable while under load. Keep 4 complete turns of cable around the drum.
  • NEVER operate hoist if cable shows any signs of weakening, is knotted or kinked.
  • DO NOT cross over or under cable under load.
  • Use gloves while handling cable.
  • Re-spool cable properly.

electric wireless hoist

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